27 Jan 2019 Update

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As part of the End of January Update for Doxti.com, there where a few changes made for this update to our service, to provide a better experience for our current and future users. Here is a list of changes, explained

Aesthetic Changes

  • Removed datepicker from login forn - all we wanted is to make sure that the people registering are not underage for the internet
  • Red Warning text on download page, not so scary anymore - we listened to feedback and the text on the download page was scary, because it was red and big enough to intimidate. We made it smalled and gray
  • added a few Footnotes to each Publish fields to highlight what each field is about , and styled the text just a little

Functionality Changes

  • Removed the dateOfBirth Field from the database and the functionality from the backend
  • created a internal development easier functionality so that we can locally run the remote project and we can easily develop it - (this is more of an internal thing, not for the end user, but we want to be transparent as much as we can)
  • Remember password validation fix (the register form did have a password strength validation and the remember pasword field did not, this was fixed
  • Fixed a bug that was not allowing the first character of a site title to be leted once a name was entered. this was a conditional javascript small logic error, that is now fixed
  • added a BaseURL textbox and a Theme dropdown to the publish to the github page for users to set the baseURL right before they submit and change the theme if they want to, easier We are still working on some important bug fixes and features (mostly in the backend) throughout the rest of the month

Note: yes, the only theme we have right now is Pickles, but more are comming, much much more (all hugo themes that are functional with the latest version of hugo), we will start rolling out other themes, soon!