End of February 2019 Update

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We have an update to https://doxti.com ! First, we have a mascot! And did a few changes that can be very important to some, we know they are to us. Here are most of the changes. (any remaining changes are specific to functionality, very technical and just a few)

Ui Changes

  • new home screen that’s 3 parts
    • Home page
    • Login page
    • New Register page
  • We added a privacy policy and a cookie policy page linking from the register page.

Functionality Changes:

  • Now when you register, you are free to use any password you like (it tells you how weak or strong it is
  • Once you registered, you are automatically logged in
  • we added a favicon of our mascot to the site
  • we added a list of free themes you can choose from and use when publishing your website
  • we fixed a bug regarding the time on the datepicker of the posts when you where updating (it was showing the UTC time, not the local time and was saving that) - it’s fixed now
  • there was a problem with publishing we fixed
  • there was a problem with downloading we fixed